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Classic Coil with over four decades of experience in the molding of coils, thermo sets, thermoplastics, moldings from bobbins to total encapsulations. Classic Coil's Materials include nylons, polypropylene, polyester, LCP, PBT custom compounds and vacuum impregnation

Classic Coil Company Industrial Coils

•       UL Listed Systems
•       Flow Valve Coils
•       Molded Coils
•       UL Coils
•       Paper Section Coils
•       Potted Coils
•       Solenoid Coils
•       Industrial Coils
•       Mining Coils
•       Explosion Proof Coils
•       Electromagnetic Coils
•       Mini Valve Coils
•       Paper Section Coils
•       Braking Coils
•       Sensors
•       Valve Coils

We specialize in low volume runs and fast turnaround times on samples

ISO 9001:2008
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